Parallaxis focuses on the design, implementation, development and support of customer solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem, the world leader in CRM and other solutions within the Salesforce platform!

Together with our team of experts in application architecture, analysis, consulting, software development and customer support,Parallaxis is fully focused on innovative, optimal solutions on the Salesforce platform for the customer and works as a reliable business partner using state-of-the-art Salesforce solutions.
We will prepare your company for the path of digital transformation and offer technological services and practical project support that will change your view of your business from day one and ensure a dynamic shift in relation to your customers.


Our in-house specialists provide Salesforce product and service solutions not only from a CRM perspective, but from a broad business angle, including delivery of complex projects as well as data integration and integration to existing customer ERP or customer information/data source.

  Salesforce philosophy features encompasses a 360° view on your business and is shaped by a modular, easy-to-use and modern system approach, covering all the key processes, such as marketing, sales, customer relationship, integration of customer information source and services as well as data analytics or the usage of Salesforce as a integration platform.

Salesforce ecosystem offers a solution to you, irrespective of the stage of development your company is in. From small startups to big/multinational cooperations, Salesforce solutions are capable of leveraging your business value!


We put a strong emphasize on development and modification of information systems and mobile customer applications. Our tailor-made Salesforce solutions are designed to meet customer desires regarding any implementation requirements. Our individualized customer solutions are primarily built on Java technology (J2EE, JavaCard, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Maven, Angular and others/many more) .

On Salesforce projects we ensure complex project delivery comprising data integration from customer ERP, DWH (Data Warehouse) or any other data source.

During the implementation of Salesforce solutions  we offer the creation and integration of a Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Master Data Management, Operational Datastore and Enterprise Application Integration .


Our team of experts in application architecture, analysis, consulting and software development implements optimal solutions on the Salesforce platform and works as a reliable business partner using the most modern Salesforce ecosystem.
We will prepare your company for the path of digital transformation and provide technological services and practical project support that will change your view of your business from day one and guarantee dynamic progress in your customers’ relationships.

Our team combines its extensive experience and practical skills to specialize in finding solutions to critical business requirements, projects and challenges that our clients face. In a sensible and flexible way, we manage to deliver our customers well-managed projects in a professionally managed real application.
We have analytical and project experience in the following business verticals: Pharmaceutical industry, Wholesale and distributional pharma sector, Healthcare sector, Pharmaceutical Retail sector, Food retail sector, Tourism and entertainment, Financial sector, Banking and insurance,Telecommunications sector.

If you suddenly need long-term consultants or programmers for your project not only for the Salesforce platform, but also for Java projects, we offer our project experts directly in your company or remotely …

 We are a certified Salesforce partner 

Professional mindset

Personal and professional presence on every level and to each client 


Tailor-made Services

Every client has its unique challenges and therefore we tackle each of them with custom-built solutions

International operations

Our professional team successfully serves/supports clients in Slovakia and abroad

Innovative view on solutions

Due to our experience we approach each solution both performance-minded/results-oriented and with an innovative spirit.

Simple innovations to measurable customer results


Why does Parallaxis offer a alternative view on solutions with a simple innovations?

At Parallaxis a well-experienced team handles each of its respective field of expertise with care and enthusiasm. Our consultants, developers and business architects tackle business challenges in an effective and  goal-oriented and trust in their exceptional competences. Our employees are skilled in several verticals to address business needs and to leverage your knowledge around your clients and to take action more confidently, to fullfil their complex requirements and on top to shine a light on their next best steps as pro-active recommendations.

What is Salesforce?

First and foremost Salesforce is a world-wide software for CRM as well as a business cloud ecosystem. Salesforce empowers companies to strengthen their connectivity and bond with customers in an unprecedented way. It is the fastest-growing company out of the top 10 most prominent IT cooperations. According to Forbes magazine, Salesforce is the most innovative company on the planet and Fortune magazine listed it as one of the 100 best companies on the world for the last six consecutive years .

Why to choose Parallaxis as a partner?

PARALLAXIS limited unleashes his full innovation power by employing experts in the fields of app architecture, analytics and software development. Our passionate team strives for optimal B2B solutions and operates as a reliable business partner utilizing the cutting-edge Salesforce ecosystem. We make your enterprise ready for its digital transformation path and offer technological services and hands-on project support that will change your perspective on your business from its first day and guarantee dynamic progress in your customers’ relationship.

What are the benefits from collaborating with Parallaxis?

Parallaxis limited focuses exclusively on the full spectrum portfolio of Salesforce products and services. We follow a vertically integrated approach, hence our clients benefit not only from complex CRM project implementation, but from our acquirement to deliver data integration and integration from existing customer ERP, more precisely any custom information source taking our personal resources into account. We operate and deliver our services within and outside the European market.

Where does Parallaxis operate?

We are based in Bratislava and Prievidza, SK. The Bratislava office displays our commitment to a strong customer-oriented focus and on-site support. Our Prievidza office employs consultants and IT-experts working and actively dealing with Salesforce solutions. Parallaxis limited operates innovatively and multinationally and offers its services regarding each business verticals to clients in Slovakia and on request in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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