More about Salesforce service

The Salesforce ecosystem is the top CRM solution on the world-wide market, but it is not only CRM! The effectiveness of its modular ecosystem makes Salesforce a primary solution for customer-driven companies that manage all the key business processes. Salesforce can also serve as a flexible integrational solution for customers and their existing information source and information systems.

 Salesforce and its product portfolio will contribute to your business processes with customized optimalization and at the same time make new business opportunities available that will accelerate you business activities.

Salesforce CRM solutions

Salesforce key features encompasses a 360° view on your business and is shaped by a modular, easy-to-use and modern system approach, covering all the key processes, such as marketing, sales, customer relationship, integration of customer information sources and services as well as data analytics or the usage of Salesforce as a integration platform.

Salesforce Cloud solutions allow you to have your data available at any time and anywhere irrespective from the device you are using. At the same time it makes investments in expensive IT infrastructure redundant.

Salesforce main advantage lies in its variability. It supports a number of APIs that allow you to connect to any kind of system and due to modification possibilities in user interfaces you only focus on data that you track in a dashboard overview. Therefore you increase the efficiency of your business assessments and reportings. You obtain real-time information about your business and customers activities and all in one environment.


Salesforce offers even more advantages


Real-time overview on your company’s and team’s activities that makes strategic prediction, sales plans and KPI reporting easier.

Business men

Reports about customer information, procurement forecasting, reporting from order &supply life cycle to invoice management.


Option to create and launch your own customized direct marketing plan to business partners and customers. You can import your marketing data, tools and sources and connect to your relevant channels in social networks and focus on targeting your audience, customers, partners or groups.

Custom support

Interactive connection to your customers, business partner and internal systems. Faster and more precise replies to customers, clear case overview leading to higher customer completion rates.

The Salesforce CRM platform is easy to use and does not require any developer or IT know-how. The intuitive environment allows quick orientation and data assessment. The Salesforce ecosystem is suitable for companies of all sizes, including fresh startups and small business across all branches as well as long-standing, multinational cooperations.


First and foremost Salesforce is a world-wide software for CRM as well as a business cloud ecosystem. Salesforce empowers companies to strengthen their connectivity and bond with customers in an unprecedented way. It is the fastest-growing company out of the top 10 most prominent IT cooperations. According to Forbes magazine, Salesforce is the most innovative company on the planet and Fortune magazine listed it as one of the  best companies on the world for the last six consecutive years .