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➜ Professional thinking: Personal and professional presence at every level and to each client.

Parallaxis focus is set on innovative, optimal solutions  for the customer on the platform  #Salesforce  and acts as a reliable business partner using the latest technologies and solutions.

We will prepare your company for the path of digital transformation and offer technological services and practical project support, which will change your view of your business from day one and ensure a dynamic shift in relation to your customers.


With us you can expect:

➜ Tailor-made services: Each client has their own unique challenges, so we will deal with each of them with a tailor-made solution.

➜ International operations: Our professional team successfully serves / supports clients in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and abroad.

➜ Innovative view of solutions: Thanks to our experience, we approach each solution both in terms of performance / results and with an innovative spirit.

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