About service

We put a strong emphasize on development and modification of information systems and mobile customer applications. Our tailor-made Salesforce solutions are designed to meet customer desires regarding any implementation requirements. Our individualized customer solutions are primarily built on Java technology, J2EE, JavaCard, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Maven and many more.

On Salesforce projects we ensure complex project delivery comprising data integration from customer ERP, DWH (Data Warehouse) or any other data source.

During the implementation of Salesforce solutions, we offer the creation and integration of a Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Master Data Management, Operational Datastore and Enterprise Application Integration. 

Operational Data Store (ODS)

Due to an ODS system we can fast-track business processes by merging data base for critical applications. With an ODS system in the background we are capable of displaying and providing high-quality, real-time information for  day-to-day operations. One of the main advantage of our solution is the analytical support in your daily decision-making across all applications where required.

JAVA a J2EE applications

JAVA and its applications belong to the most common and most frequently used programming language.

A collection of frameworks allow to adjust each application due to its scaling. An application can be transfered between separated platforms without much programmatic effort. This is one of the reasons why it is an ideal solution for small to mid-sized enterprises.

JAVA applications are fast and therefore highly effective. In the same way we design complex web applications that run on all devices.

Data Analysis

During the process of an Salesforce implementation process we provide numerous related services such as:

Building a Data Warehouse (DWH)

A Data Warehouse is an excellent starting point for collecting, consolidating, cleaning and extracting your data from various informational systems.  It stores the complete history of data. This storage has an intrinsic value to every company and builds the foundation for basic reporting and other Business Intelligence services. 


Reporting plays an important part to evaluate your company’s data. It empowers you to act faster and to take data-driven, fact-based decisions and rate further steps in the company’s strategy development or market response. High-quality data and proper data setup are two valuable pieces to keep an eye on both details and the big picture like KPIs. We primarily deliver reporting along with Salesforce products as a consolidating solution in case the customer does not demand a different practise.

Budovanie dátových skladov (Data Warehouse – DWH)

Using a data warehouse we can collect, consolidate, clean or extract data from various information systems. The complete data history is also stored. Quality data is the only truth, so they serve as a basis for reporting and other Business Intelligence services.

Master Data Management (MDM)

It identifies the most important company’s key data. You cannot make any meaningful interpretation without having all data from different sources integrated into one platform. These data are always necessary to identify and assess. A MDM defines these connection between data and the the unified information interpretation.

Mobile solutions, application and information system development

We develop specific customized applications in the context of implementation solutions and tailor-made projects based on Salesforce solutions.