Consultancy and team lease

About service

PARALLAXIS has limited its full innovative power by employing experts in application architecture, analysis and software development. Our team strives for optimal solutions on the Salesforce platform and works as a reliable business partner using the most modern Salesforce ecosystem. We will prepare your company for the path of digital transformation and provide technological services and practical project support that will change your view of your business from day one and guarantee dynamic progress in your customers’ relationships.

We combine our extensive experience and practical skills to specialize in finding solutions to critical business requirements, projects and challenges that our clients face. In a sensible and flexible way, we manage to deliver our customers well-managed projects in a professionally managed real application.

We perform audits for our clients and prepare a map to evaluate the current state of your business. Based on this knowledge, we suggest how to manage and improve business processes. Our consulting services are not limited to state-of-the-art technology consulting, in fact they include modern management and reporting.

Advice and consultation

Over the course of many years we have mastered the field of business consulting on a personal and professional level. To achieve these objectives we steadily fine-tune our skillset in order to build trustworthy relationships and remain a strong and reliable partner.


Based on our experience we offer following services:

  • Consulting, application and information system designing
  • Consulting, automated application and information system architecture/design/draft/concepts
  • Business solution consulting and business modelling
  • Implementation process design and integration of customer data source solutions
  • company growth and development plan / business development
  • project management
  • Application and information system auditing


We succesfully collaborated with companies from following business sectors:


  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Wholesale and distributional pharma sector

  • Healthcare sector

  • Retail sector

  • Financial sector, banking and insurance

  • Telekommunications sector

  • Tourism and entertainment

Team lease – Hiring programmers and consultants

If you need sudden, long-term consultants or programmers for your project not only for the Salesforce platform, but also for Java projects, we offer our project experts directly at your company or remotely.
We can complement an existing team, but also create a brand new team.
Our professional team is trained on a regular basis and is ready to replace business outages or to effectively supplement your project team.